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site seeing South West Rocks

Site seeing South West Rocks

There is plenty of site seeing to do in South West Rocks.

Both over 100 years old, Trial Bay Gaol is an amazing place to soak up the stories of the German Internees, especially in August when the Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition is held within its walls, and Smokey Cape was so named by Captain Cook in 1770, with a lighthouse built in 1891 after a number of shipwrecks in the area – now a fantastic place to check out the coast and whales migrating.

Trial Bay Gaol – Built by hand from stone, sourced from the surrounds & completed in 1886 the Gaol is steeped in history & marvel as it stands majestically on the shores of Trial Bay. Take the family & soak up some Australian history.

Smokey Cape Lighthouse – A beautiful lighthouse with so much to explore! Take in the 360 views from Smokey Cape beach all the way around to lighthouse beach. Also a great location for whale watching during the season & dolphin spotting year round! Tours available weekly & only a 10 minute drive from the resort.

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