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Trial Bay Beach

(only 2 mins drive or 12 mins walk from Sunshine) The crystal clear waters of the sublime Trial Bay are extremely calm and relaxing to swim and spend all day bathing in. This westerly facing cove is ideal for children and families, due to the shape of the bay, there are very few waves & it is shallow for a long way out – so great for the young or elderly.

Trial Bay is perfection for watching the water turn golden with the setting of the sun, it is a rarity on the East Coast of Australia but due to the shape of the bay it is a perfect destination to watch the sun setting. It is so incredibly beautiful so make sure you include an afternoon game of Beach Cricket, followed by a BBQ to maximise your enjoyment of this experience.

Little Bay

(only 2 mins drive or a beautiful 2km walk from Trial Bay Gaol)
Little Bay is a secluded beach nestled between granite cliffs, just south of the headland near Trial Bay Gaol in Arakoon National Park. Hundreds of Kangaroos hang out here every day!

There’s the option for a leisurely lunch beneath the shade of the she-oaks at nearby Little Bay picnic area overlooking the ocean. If you’re after some exercise, try the nearby historic Monument Hill walking track.

If you’re into bird watching, the nearby heath land is a haven for fantails, wrens and honey eaters, while hawks, falcons and ospreys soar above the cliffs and forage along the beaches.
Little Bay can be dangerous for little ones to swim and isn’t patrolled although you can find a natural bathing pool made by tides every so often, the kangaroos are also a big hit with the kids, please read National Parks signage and make sure you don’t feed them.

Horseshoe Bay 

(only 4 mins drive or 20 minutes on the bike track starting opposite the resort entrance) Horseshoe Bay situated right next to the township of South West Rocks. It is yet another beautiful and calm bay due to its horseshoe shape making it protected just enough for some perfect body surfing waves.

It is patrolled during Summer months. The nearby kiosk and Park provides a perfect day out for the family. Horseshoe Bay is a child friendly beach and patrolled in the Summer school holidays.

Gap Beach

(5 min drive – requires a 4WD)Gap Beach is in the National Park you will need a 4WD to get there or put on your hiking boots and enjoy a Grade 5 bushwalk along the tracks provided. It is all worth the effort of getting to this world class destination as there is plenty of shade on the beach with rock pools, surf and wildlife to spot while enjoying this spectacular beach.

Note that Gap Beach is not patrolled, and caution should be taken when in the water especially with strong currents and change in tides.

Back Beach

(5 min drive) Back Beach is located west of the town, between the Southern (Eastern) Wall and the small entrance to South West Rocks Creek. The beach has built out against the Break wall following its construction in 1898 and is now backed by low 200 m wide vegetated dunes, and mangroves. The 1.6 km long beach faces Northeast and receives waves that decrease in height down the beach, averaging about 1 m by Point Briner. These maintain a low tide terrace, which is only cut by rips following higher waves. However strong tidal flows at the creek and in the deep river mouth require caution. The beach can be reached by a footbridge across South West Creek and by 4WD via the western end.

Dog Friendly Beaches

If you’ve brought your 4 legged friend on holiday with you, there are a few dog friendly beaches in South West Rocks to enjoy together. Back Beach is a great option to give them a run & a swim. You can access Back Beach via the foot bridge at Back Creek or drive out to the River mouth, park and walk via the Break wall out to Back Beach. Also, from Main Beach to the 4 knots sign (half way between Trial Bay and Main Beach) is a dog friendly beach so there’s lots of opportunity to spend some quality time with your pooch.

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